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Patriot Of The Month

Jimi Photon

Click Jimi's Photo for his Website

Last Month's Anti-Prohibition Patriot

Paul Stanford is a tireless activist from Portland, Oregon. Click here to visit his My Space page.


Previous Month's Anti-Prohibition Patriots

Tommy Chong


Ed Forchion is our CPOP Patriot of the Month. Ed knows the War on Drugs is a scam, and he puts his butt on the line on a daily basis to inform others of the truth. Check out his recent documentary on how he was imprisoned for nothing more than excercising his First Amendment rights under the (now defunct) Constitution. These days, Ed goes to jail just about every other week for nothing more than telling the truth. Our nation's founding fathers are rolling in their graves (which, these days, is probably also illegal).

"I know what pain is all about," said Leveque, explaining the empathy he has for his patients. "I have no trouble signing their applications."

Dr. Phillip Leveque

Check out Dr. Leveque's Website

"When Oregon passed the Medical Marijuana Law, they thought about 500 people would apply for cards in Oregon," said Leveque. "Now 3,000 people have cards, and I’ve got about 500 to 1,000 people waiting to see me."

Although Leveque is well aware that marijuana use for the treatment of pain is still highly controversial, he says "This is my moral obligation as a physician to help patients. That’s what I’m supposed to do, and that’s what I do."

Dr. Leveque is a Patriot and a True Hero in every sense of the word. I can think of no person more deserving of our coveted "Patriot of the Month" award.

Aron Pieman Kay is our Patriot of the Month.

Aron's tireless dedication to ending this Barbaric Holocaust makes him the perfect choice for this month's CPOP Patriot of the Month.

Thanks, Aron, for all your hard work in this and other causes.

Check out Aron's Website

Click Mike's photo for info on his possession bust.
Mike Kemp

Click Mike's photo for info on his possession bust.
Floyd Landrath
( American Anti-Prohibition League)
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