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Our Mission
  • To provide a forum for those interested in learning about and discussing the United States Government's barbaric War on Drug Users.
  • To provide a network for Drug Policy Reform Activists in order to reduce duplication of efforts.
We want to see all of the following occur:
  • Immediate halt to the War on Drug Users. All drugwar prisoners immediately released.
  • All government agents, individuals, corporations, or organizations who had ANYTHING to do with waging this War on Innocent Americans must be tried by an international tribunal for war crimes and/or crimes against humanity and punished appropriately.
  • Fair restitution and reparations paid to each and every victim of the War on Drugs, including but not limited to hospital costs, return of homes and cars and children, return of money equaling cost of drugs confiscated, mental and physical duress, loss of wages, defamation, and punitory damages.
  • All money spent by our government on the War on Drug Users (since the Harrison Act of 1914) returned to the taxpayers (If they don't have the cash, then they should be ordered to liquidate assets, such as the white house, pentagon, NORAD, etc.)_.
  • All profits made by any individual or corporation because of the War on Drug Users forfeited to help pay restitution to DrugWar victims and to help fund VOLUNTARY treatment centers. This would include all police officers' and government agents' wages, all profits from drug testing companies, all salaries of congresscritters who furthered the War, etc.
  • Immediate re-enfranchisement of all drug felons--rights to vote and own weapons reinstated. Fair monetary compensation for the years spent without voting and gun rights.
  • Removal of rights to pensions and profit sharing plans from all government-employed drug warriors and private sector drugwar profiteers, as well as all those who aided and abetted the treasonous Drug War Criminals.
  • All those who furthered the War on Drugs must be banned for life from any future assistance from government programs, excluded from any government grants for college, and banned for life from any government jobs, positions, or appointments, as well as banned for life from any sensitive positions in the private sector.
  • Fair compensation to the families of all who died as a result of The War on Drugs, both at home and abroad.
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