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              The Steven Dons/MTF Fiasco:

      by Floyd Ferris Landrath

 Portland, Oregon -- For a year now I've asked myself, 'who
    really killed Portland Police Officer Colleen Waibel?'
    Here's what I've come up with so far.

            The Marijuana Task Force killed Colleen Waibel.
      Mayor Vera Katz and the City Council killed Colleen Waibel.
          Police Chief Charles Moose killed Colleen Waibel.
      District Attorney Michael Schrunk killed Colleen Waibel.
             Governor John Kitzhaber killed Colleen Waibel.
      Most of the Oregon House & Senate killed Colleen Waibel.
        The Oregonian and Portland media killed Colleen Waibel.
        Cultural & racial intolerance killed Colleen Waibel.
     Marijuana prohibition, the drug war, killed Colleen Waibel.

      In many ways both big and small they have all conspired to
    kill Colleen Waibel, and in the process our Constitution.
    That the late Steven Dons may or may not have fired the fatal
    bullet will forever remain a mystery.  Carried to his grave,
    after his supposed "suicide" while in police custody.

      Regardless the District Attorney lead Grand Jury clearance,
    and all the police apologists who chimed in, the MTF/Don's
    fiasco still leaves a slimy film over the city, similar to
    that toothpaste obscuring the camera lens in Don's jail cell.
    But even worse, the foreboding realization that it is just a
    matter of time until these MTF cowboys screw-up again and get
    somebody else killed.  Perhaps even an other officer, or an
    innocent by-stander.  No one is safe while these guys are
    walking around packing heat, hiding behind badges, bogus
warrants and illegal wire-taps.

      Few, if any in public life will admit it, much less speak
    it but truth be told everyone knows Colleen Waibel died a
    meaningless death, in a meaningless war.  I defy any one,
    especially her superiors that fateful day, to justify
    anybody's death over a few lousy pot plants.

      Of course I'm sorry she died, and it is indeed a tragic
    loss to her family and friends.  The Waibel family is well-
    known and respected in this town.  But that does not change
    the basic fact: Colleen Waibel was not the first and will not
    be the last to serve as a blood sacrifice to the false gods
    of war; federal, state and local drug war.  The same drug war
    those named above worship, addicted to its vile mixture of
    racism, money, power and corruption.

    Incentive?  In 1997, the MTF stole $2.3 million from the
    houses, cars, other property and assets it seized, mostly
    from small personal use growers and tokers.  Yet another
    example albeit small in comparison, of the vast financial
    incentives that have become institutionalized in our, as Noam
    Chomsky calls it, "drug war, prison industrial complex."  On
    a global economic scale we should remember, the illegal drugs
market is now worth more than automobiles and almost as
much as oil.

      The MTF is actually a minor functionary, merely following
    orders from the biggest drug cartel in the the world, the
    U.S. Congress, the Drug Czar and the National Security
    Administration (CIA/FBI/DEA/DOJ/DOD...etc.).  What a racket:
    outlaw drugs then sell them at outrageous profits to help
    finance right-wing terrorists who help maintain the proper
    order of things, i.e. the rich get richer and the poor get


      How much longer will we tolerate elected officials, such as
    those named above, who promote, gleefully enforce and
    recklessly overlook the abuses of these insane drug
    prohibition laws that clearly do more harm than good?

      How long will we allow this drug war conspiracy to go
    unchecked?  How many more kids and cops will we sacrifice to
    the drug war demigods, to heroin or cocaine brought into the
    country by our own government?

    "The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of
    those whom they oppress." --
      Frederick Douglass (1817-1895, escaped slave, statesman)

"If drug abuse is a disease, then drug war is a crime."

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