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Meet The Victims

What I would like to place here is a mirror, because nearly every person in the world is a victim of our nation's Global War on Drug Users. Your mother, your father, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, the guy next door, the contractor that did your addon last year, the librarian at the public library, and YOU, of course--all are victims of the war on drugs. The only ones who are not victims are the politicians who continually use the War on Drug Users to get elected, the Drug Warriors who make their living preying on and destroying the lives of innocent Americans, and the companies that profit from the War on Drugs (i.e. drug testing companies, "rehabilitation" companies, the Prison Slave Labor Industrial Complex, the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Pharmaceutical drug companies--who for some reason seem to feel threatened by a natural substance that anyone can grow that has nothing short of miraculous medical properties, and which has only one "side-effect"--it makes you feel good).

The second victim of the War on Drug Users--after YOU--is the Constitution, the words of which are barely visible on the tattered remnants of that tortured document (which was made from hemp, by the way).

To list all of the individual victims of the War on Drugs would be impossible--the internet doesn't have enough room. Instead I will leave you with links to several sites that attempt to put a face on the victims of this insane War, or further exemplify the massive victimization that this War, by its very nature, inflicts.

The November Coalition

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

Drug War Deaths:
Federal Government Responsible

In Memorium

Celebrity Drug War Victims

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Dead Victims of the Drug War

The Murder of Peter McWilliams

Drug War Prisoners

Family Watch

Rainbow Farm

Memorial Wall for Victims
of the War on Drugs

Innocent Victims of the 'Drug War'
by Carla Fry

Missionary, Child Killed In Peru Become
Latest Drug War Victims

The Drug War: Gender Bias & Innocent Victims"
by Rev. Howard Moody

Victims of U.S. Drug Policy
Citizens meet violent death at hands of Government

Colombia's Children: Victims of Drug War

Student Victims of the DrugWar
The drug war goes to college

Anatomy of a Futile and Costly Police Action

The Impact of the Drug War
and Drug Policies on The Family

Drug War's Latest Victims

Victims of Biological Drugwar


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