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Meet Our Friends

(Ex) N.M. Governor Gary Johnson

“The current failed war on drugs is draining the nation and state of vital resources that could be spent more wisely and effectively. I believe New Mexicans are beginning to realize that the nation’s drug war is not working and that treatment can be more effective and costs less than prison for drug offenders,” the Governor said. “Now more than ever, we don’t have money to waste on things that are not working.”

New Mexico Governor Leads Nation Toward Drug Law Reform

American Drug War Article


The War on Terror's Newest Target: America's Kids Did you know you are harboring terrorists in your furnished basement? To the terrible trio of Iran, Iraq and North Korea, we've now got to add millions of American kids. At least that's the cock and bull story the commander in chief is peddling with a slick new $10 million ad campaign that is one of the most offensive displays of drug war propaganda ever. And that's saying something.

Arianna Huffington
William F. Buckley Jr.

Hugh Downs

National Review Cover Story -Feb-12-1996 Click banner above for complete story

Willie Nelson, Activist Extraordinare!
Click on Merle's photo for his real opinion on marijuana outside of Muskogee!
Click on Merle's photo for his
real opinion
on marijuana outside of Muskogee.
Check out Merle's Website!

"Understand that legal and illegal are political, and often arbitrary categorizations; use and abuse are medical, or clinical, distinctions." - Abbie Hoffman
The Abbie Hoffman Webpage
The Other Abbie Hoffman Webpage

America's Christian Patriot Singer
Carl Klang





Have a Marijuana!

David Peel

More Friends...

"As a judge, I am struck by how much of the penalties for drug trafficking are imposed on others than those most culpable....So called 'mules,' often poor people, are conscripted to smuggle or sell drugs by powerful organizations....These people, who have little information to trade to the prosecutors, end up with heavy sentences, while the 'big fish,' if caught at all, are able to work out deals....This is something that goes beyond mere injustice in the inequality of treatment, it is essentially an immoral outcome which tarnishes our entire judicial system."

The Honorable Juan R. Torruella, Chief Judge US Court of Appeals, First Circuit, April, 1997

"The school room is the first opportunity most citizens have to experience the power of government. Through it passes every citizen and public official, from school-teachers to policeman to prison guards. The values they learn there, they take with them in life. One of our most cherished ideals is the one contained in the Fourth Amendment: that the government may not intrude on the personal privacy of its citizens without a warrant or compelling circumstance."

US Supreme Court Justice Stevens in his dissenting opinion in New Jersey v. TLO, 469 US 325 (1985)

"After twenty years on the bench, I have concluded that federal drug laws are a disaster. It is time to get the government out of drug enforcement." Judge Whitman Knapp

9/26/95 Nashville, TN, The Tennessean. Joining more than 60 other Federal judges, U.S. District Judge Thomas Wiseman spoke up in opposition to this country's "war on drugs" in an interview with The Tennessean. Judge Wiseman said that "We've spent $100 billion on the war on drugs and we're losing it." Wiseman recommends that the U.S. should legalize drugs. That, he says, is the only real way to win the war. "If you take the profit out of it, nobody will be pushing it. Wiseman, a 17 year veteran of the federal bench, said that when President Bush escalated the war on drugs in 1989 [Omnibus Crime Bill, Asset Forfeiture, DARE educational programs, Partnership for a Drug Free (sic) America, Mandatory minimum prison sentences, etc....-ed.], the country not only lost the battle, but also, "We've just about lost a generation of young people," he told The Tennessean.

Federal Judge Harold Greene, of Washington, ruled that important elements of the mandatory sentencing laws for drug offenders were unconstitutional.

Federal Judge Richard Neville, of Chicago; March 1996 he told USA Today, "the markup on illegal drugs and their enormous profits to sellers create ten replacements for every offender thrown in prison. No matter how many we put in jail, that isn't going to change."

U.S. Magistrate Peter Nimkoff of Miami resigned from the bench due to the relentless erosion of rights and the governmental abuses which he daily confronted. In a press conference in 1986 he said, "There are two constitutions - one for criminal cases generally and another for drug cases," which, "invites police officers to behave like criminals. And they do." The Miami Herald did not cover this resignation or the press conference.

Judge James Paine of Florida

Federal Judge Richard Posner, told USA Today, "It is nonsense that we should be devoting so many law-enforcement resources to marijuana. I am skeptical of a society that is so tolerant of alcohol and cigarettes should come down so hard on marijuana use and send people to prison for life without parole... Prison terms in America have become appallingly long, especially for conduct that, arguable, should not be criminal at all . . . Only decriminalization is a sure route to a lower crime rate . . ."

Federal Judge George Pratt of the 2nd Circuit said of police searches in the Buffalo, N.Y. airport, "It appears that they have sacrificed the Fourth Amendment by detaining 590 innocent people in order to arrest 10 who are not - all in the name of the 'war on drugs.' When, pray tell, will it end? Where are we going?" (To Reason Magazine, February 1994)

Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin, defied the federal mandatory sentence by giving a drug offender a 13 month sentence, instead of the mandated 10 or more years.

Judge Robert W. Sweet, District Judge in New York City; served as an Assistant US Attorney and as Deputy Mayor of New York City under John Lindsay; a graduate of Yale and of Yale Law School. "Congress should end the criminalization of marijuana, which is now widely acknowledged to be without deleterious effect. That reform alone would take 450,000 arrests out of the system." [Editors Note: Actually, nearly 750,000 were arrested for Cannabis in 2001, but who's counting.]

US District Judge Vaughn Walker, of San Francisco contends that decriminalization is the key to solving our nation's current drug problem.

Federal Judge Jack Weinstein, of Brooklyn, has refused to take drug cases because he opposes mandatory minimum sentences. He said that he had a, "sense of depression about much of the cruelty I have been party to in connection with the war on drugs."

US District Judge Thomas Wiseman, quoted in The Tennessean, "We've just about lost a generation of young people. We're building new prison beds at the rate of about 1000 a week and we're still overcrowded... We've spent $100 billion on the war on drugs and we're losing it." [Editors Note: The U.S. has spent well over a TRILLION dollars on the War on Drugs, but who's counting. Actually, at this point we're nearly spending $100 Billion EACH YEAR.]

People who have questioned or spoken out against the War on drugs...

Former Secretary of State George Shultz

Charles "Bell Curve" Murray

Prof. Cornel West

Ahmet Ertegun

Lyndon Johnson's attorney general, Nicholas Katzenbach

Former New York police commissioner, Patrick Murphy

San Francisco D.A. Terrence Hallinan

Dr. Milton Friedman Nobel laureate; Professor Emeritus of
Economics, University of Chicago; Senior
Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford,

Dr. Joseph D. McNamara Former Police Chief of San Jose; Fellow, Hoover
Institution, Stanford, CA

Herbert Berger, M.D. F.A.C.P.; F.C.C.P.; Internationally recognized
authority on drug treatment, Staten Island, NY

Judge James P. Gray Orange County Superior Court, Santa Ana, CA

Katherine H. Smith Founder, Group Resolving Anti-Social Problems
(GRASP), Anaheim, CA

S. Clarke Smith, M.D. F.A.A.F.P.; Board of Directors, California
Academy of Family Physicians, Anaheim, CA

Clifford A. Schaffer Author; Computer Consultant, Canyon Country, CA

Frederick H. Meyers, M.D. Professor of Pharmacology, University of
California at San Francisco; Chairman of the
California Research Advisory Panel on Drugs

Harvey L. Rose, M.D. Author of California's "Intractable Pain
Treatment Act"; Family Practice, Carmichael, CA

John J. McCarthy, M.D., Psychiatrist, Executive Director, Bi-Valley
A.B.P.N. Medical Clinic, Sacramento, CA

Gary Davis, M.D. Diplomate in Psychiatry, A.B.P.N., American
Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, Citrus
Heights, CA

Benson B. Roe, M.D. Professor and Chief Emeritus of Cardiothoracic
Surgery, University of California at San
Francisco, CA

Stephen A. Fisher, M.D., Diplomate in Psychiatry, A.B.P.N., American
Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, Berkeley, CA

Reverend Leonard B. Jackson First A.M.E. Church of Los Angeles, CA

Reverend J. D. Moore First A.M.E. Church of Los Angeles, CA

Donald McNamara Investment Consultant, New York, NY

Richard Arthur Educator; Former Principal of Castlemont High
School, Oakland, CA; Author of Gangs and
Schools, Richmond, CA

Richard "Gibb" Martin Owner, Marbros Construction Co., Garden Grove,

Howard Lavine Office of the Mayor, Baltimore, MD

*Kurt L . Schmoke Mayor, City of Baltimore, Maryland

*George Shultz Former Secretary of State; Fellow, Hoover
Institution, Stanford, CA

Frank Jordan Mayor, City of San Francisco, CA

Susan Hammer Mayor, City of San Jose, CA

Elihu Harris Mayor, City of Oakland, CA

Robert R. Nolan Mayor, City of Upland, CA

Assemblyman John Vasconcellos Chairman, Committee on Ways and Means,
California State Assembly

Senator Rebecca Q. Morgan California State Senate

Representative Greg R. M.P.H., Hawaii House of Representatives

Senator Joseph Galiber New York State Senate

Marc Martin Fire Chief, Fullerton Fire Department,
Fullerton, CA

Arlo Smith Esq. District Attorney, San Francisco, CA

Harriett M. Wieder County Supervisor, County of Orange, CA

Emma Bonino Deputy Speaker, Italian Chamber of Deputies;
Secretary, Radical Trans-National Party, Rome,

Alan H. Dodds Foreign Service Officer (Retired), U.S.
Department of State

James J. Gormley Foreign Service Officer (Retired), U.S.
Department of State

Jim Toledano Former Regent, University of California

J. Tilman Williams Councilman (Retired), Garden Grove, CA

Daniel H. Ninburg, M.D. Commissioner, Orange County Human Relations
Commission, Orange County, CA

Mike A. Nisperos, Jr., Esq. Director, Mayor's Office of Drugs and Crime,
Oakland, CA

Ellen Lorman Deputy City Attorney, Children and Family
Services, San Francisco, CA

Senator Marian Bergeson California State Senate

Thomas F. Riley Orange County Board of Supervisors, Orange
County, CA

Senator Robert Presley California State Senate

Anne Rudin Former Mayor, 1981-1993, Sacramento, CA

Donald M. Fraser Mayor, Minneapolis, MN

Illa Collin Sacramento County Supervisor, Sacramento, CA

William Von Raab* Former Commissioner of Customs under Presidents
Reagan and Bush, Orange, VA

Anthony Ribera Chief of Police, San Francisco, CA

Lou Cobarruviaz Chief of Police, San Jose, CA

Bob Nichelini Acting Chief of Police, Oakland, CA

Michael Hennessey Sheriff, City and County of San Francisco, CA

Nicolas Pastore Chief of Police, New Haven, CT

Alfred Blumstein, Ph.D. Carnegie-Mellon Foundation; Pres. Amer
Association of Criminologists

Robert G. Le Conte President, National Association of Veteran
Police Officers, Austin, TX

**Central Conference of Contact: Rabbi Joseph B. Glaser, New York, NY
American Rabbis

California Democratic Council Rita Hodgkins, President, Sacramento, CA

The Libertarian Party of Washington, DC

San Francisco Drug Advisory Board, San Francisco, CA

Berkeley City Council Berkeley, CA

Board of Directors, California Academy of Family Physicians

The California Society of Addiction Medicine

The Cbief of Police and the entire staff of the District Attorney's Office in
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The entire stafff of the San Bernardino County Probation Department

Twenty-three chaplains from Rikers Island Prison in New York

Michael L. Sorg Former Police Chief, San Clemente, CA

R. H. Hessing Chief of Police, Rotterdam, Holland

T. Reitsma Police Chief, Rotterdam, Ruenmond, Holland

Nancy Foutts (Former) Supervisory Patrol Officer, US Customs
Service, Orange County Grand Jury, Garden
Grove, CA

Gregory L. Morgon Lieutenant, Los Angeles County Sheriff's
Department, Los Angeles, CA

Sidney Mills Captain (Retired) Los Angeles County Police
Department, Los Angeles, CA

Joel Fort, M.D. Former Director, National Instiute on Mental

Mario Lap Netherlands Institute on Alcohol and Drugs

Nia Van Oosten Netherlands Institute on Alcohol and Drugs

Frans Jansen Netherlands Institute on Alcohol and Drugs

Melvyn L. Sterling, M.D. President, Orange County Medical Association,
Orange, CA

Frank Amato, M.D. Past President, Orange County Medical
Association, Orange, CA

Jonathan Weisbuch, M.D., MPH Medical Director, Department of Health
Services, County of Los Angeles; Delegate of
the American Medical Association, Los Angeles,

Reverend Bruce Larson Co-Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral, Garden
Grove, CA

Father Joseph Ganssle OFM, President, Religious Coalition for a Moral
Drug Policy, Denver, CO

Pastor Andrew L. Gunn President, Clergy for an Enlightened Drug
Policy, St. Luke's United Methodist Church,
Washington, DC

Marjorie H. Cherry District Chief, Jail Mental Health Services,
Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

Russel C. Ewing, M.D. Former President, Orange County Medical
Association, Santa Ana, CA

Harold Amer, M.D. Director, Pediatric Critical Care, Cedars-Sinai
Medical Center, Beverly Hills, CA

Joseph R. Rowan President and CEO, Criminal and Juvenile
Justice International, Roseville, MN

Richard Kerr M.D.

Former Secretary of State George Shultz

Charles "Bell Curve" Murray

Prof. Cornel West

Ahmet Ertegun

Lyndon Johnson's attorney general, Nicholas Katzenbach

Former New York police commissioner, Patrick Murphy


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