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Cannabis Synonyms
Cannabis Synonym(s)
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Just for fun, I thought I would collect a thesaurus-full of synonyms for the word "Cannabis"--also to show the cultural significance of the plant... Obviously this collection is just starting. Please submit suggestions using this handy dandy E-mail Webform to the right. If your not sure if a word is listed or not, use your find function in the edit menu.

Cannabis, Pot, Hemp, Bhang, Marijuana, Joint, Reefer, Wahupta [Sioux], Dope, Ganja, Smoke, Weed, Herb, Marihuana, Hash, Doobie, Sensemilla, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, Leaf, Green, Greenbud, Bud, 420, Alaskan Thunderfuck, BC Bud, Hooch, Stash, Thai-stick, Thai-bud, Mexican, Panama Red, Columbian Gold, Bricks, Pounds, Kilos, Ounce, Gram, Bag, Baggie, Green-sticky, Dirtweed, Shake, Indian Hemp, Ganjah, Guaza, Cannabis Chinense, Ganeb, Kif, Hanf, Tekrouri, Chanvre, Hooter, Bonghit, One-hit, Shit, Kineboisin, hamppu [Finnish/Suomi], Kannabis, Bangue, Canamo, Canamo Indio, Chanvre, Ganeb, Han Ma, Hanf, Hint Keneviri, Hops, Huang Ma, Huo Ma, Kenevir, Kif, Ma Fen, Ma Jen Chiu, Mariguana, Qunnab, Ta Ma, Tchene, Dagga, Mary Jane, boo, grass, moocah, tea, Apocynum cannabinum, Ace, Acupolco (color) Afgani, Indica, African, Ashes, Aunt Mary, Bales, Bamba, Bhang, Bo, Bobo, Boo, Boo Boo Bama, Buddha, Bush, Buzz, Cannabis, Cest, Cheeba Cheeba, Chronic, Cryppie, Cryptonite, Dank, Diambista, Ditch, Ditchweed, Dobie, Domestic Don Juan, Doob, Doradilla, Draf, Fir, Flowers, Ganja, Gash, Gasper, Gold, Gong, Grass Green (ery), Griefo Grifa, Griffa, Gungun, Herb, Hawaiian homegrown hay, Herba, High, Homegrown, Indica, Indo, J, Joint, Kalakit, Killer, Leaf, Leño, Loco Weed, Mary Jane, Mari , Maui-Wowie, MJ, Mo, Mota, Number, Panama (Adjective), Parsley, PR, Pretendica, Puff, Ragweed, Rainy day woman, Rasta, Red Bud, Reefer, Roacha, Root, Seeds, Sinsemilla, Skunk weed, Smoke, Spliff, Stems, Stone, Texas Tea, ThaistickSwisher, Blunt, Trees, Twigs, Untoque, Wheat, Weed, Whacktabacky, Whackyweed, Wood, Yeh, Yerba, Yerhia, Yesca, Humboltd, Owl, Hocus Pocus, Method, Roach, Mor A Grifa, Mootie, Mooters, Moota, Moocah, Thumb, Thrupence Bag, Devilweed, Sweet Lucy, Stick, Stack, Snop, Smoke Canada, Shit, Rope, Shwag, Nuggets, Nuggies, Dosia, Diggy, Blunt, Ragweed, Sweet Wheat, BC Bud, draw, Chief, Cali, Bowl, Broccoli

Cannabis sativa L.

ARABIC : Qinnib, Tîl.

CHINESE : Ye ma.

ENGLISH : Wild hemp.

FRENCH : Chanvrier sauvage.

NEPALESE : Bhang, Bhango, Cares, Gajima, Ganja.

Cannabis sativa L. f. ruderalis (Janisch.) Chu

CHINESE : Ye da ma, Huo ma ren (medicinal name).


Cannabis sativa L. subsp. indica (Lam.) E. Small & Cronquist

SYNONYM(S) : Cannabis indica Lam., Cannabis sativa L. var. indica Lam.


ARABIC : Bang (Egypt), Hashish, Kif (Morocco), Qinnib, Shâhdânag, Sharâneq.

CHINESE : Da ma, Da ma cao, Da ma ren, Huo ma cao, Huo ma, Huo ma ren (medicinal name).

DANISH : Indisk hamp.

DUTCH : Indische hennep.

ENGLISH : Indian hemp, Hash, Hashish.

FRENCH : Chanvre indien, Bang.

GERMAN : Indischer Hanf, Haschisch.

HINDI : Bhaang, Bhang (mature leaves), Charas (bark resin), Churras (bark resin), Ganja (dried unripe flowers),

ITALIAN : Canapa indica, Canapa indiana.

JAPANESE : Taima, Taima.


SPANISH : Cáñamo índico, Grifa, Hachís, Marihuana (Mexico), Marijuana, Mariguana.

TURKISH : Kinnab, Hind kinnabi (no dot on i's of kinn).

Cannabis sativa L. subsp. sativa 

SYNONYM(S) : Cannabis gigantea hort.

ARABIC : Qinnib, Tîl.

CHINESE : Xian ma.

ENGLISH : Hemp, Common hemp, Fiber hemp.

FRENCH : Chanvre, Chanvrier.

GERMAN : Echter Hanf, Riesen Hanf.

ITALIAN : Canapa, Canape.


SPANISH : Cáñamo.

TURKISH : Kendir, Kenevir.

Complementary / Specific

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Statistics and examples
Here are some numbers, drawn from the database. Note that these numbers may differ from what is mentioned in the text, depending on the fact that all terms are not yet included into the database and certainly not fully analysed. Statistics like these reflect the presumed fact that the amount of terms for a certain drug, or class of drugs, is related to the usage in a society. Perhaps we will eventually find something more exciting than this rather obvious fact. But it's too early to go into this yet, the data has to be more complete first.
             English German Spanish Swedish Total
Amphetamine    283     35      3      49     370
Cannabis       871     68     29      74    1042
Cocaine        600     55     20      56     731
Heroin         247     73     15      35     370
Opium           95     59      4      22     180

Yep! That's 1042 known names for Cannabis from just 4 languages! It is obviously a VERY IMPORTANT plant for MANY cultures.

The hemp grows wild at Pine Ridge. One story is that it was brought in by Jesuit missionaries in the 1800's – another that it was grown under government contract during WWII. Certainly, the hemp has been around long enough to have its own name: according to White Plume, the Sioux word for cannabis is wahupta.
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