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This web site (and email forum--Signup Now!) advocates ending the prohibition of marijuana and other popular drugs and provides support for drug policy reform activists. You'll find relevant information, legalization posters, graphics, articles, activist tips and tools, lively discussion, legalization arguments (pro and con), stimulating debates, experts to answer your questions and much, much more.

Click to Enlarge!This is the only free-forum drug reform discussion group. (Join Now!)

All topics related to the "War on Drugs" and then some will be encouraged/tolerated on this discussion group.

We shall let the list set the rules, if any are needed.

This list is owned by "We The People."

WARNING: Every attempt will be made to avoid censorship.

This is a group of like-minded people committed to ending the "War on Drugs."

We come from all walks of life. Welcome!

Thank You,
Paul Freedom


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